Valeria Mini Map 7

Welcome to Valoria WikiEdit

Welcome to Valoria wiki. Here you can find all information on the mapp Valoria! If you need help with Quests or if you cant find an Npc then you can check here!

Valeria information!Edit

Valeria is a whole new world made for you who thinks that the old maps are boring! Every hunting place has been made with a lot of time and has not been relesed untill they where perfect. This is a very seriouse server with new updates every day so you never will miss anything! For those who loves the most populair quest on tibia and other server, for you we have made Annihlator, Demon Oak. New quests will come up on the mapp really often so you always have things that you always have things to do.

Instants will probably be on the server in a few weeks and we hope that they are going to be one of the most funny, hard and people required quests that has ever been made.

Latest activityEdit

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